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Business At Its Best

The Faculty of Business at Humber delivers high-demand programs that will take graduates into current, relevant and future-focused careers. Entrepreneurship training is integrated into all of our programs.?

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Learning Labs

Use the latest technology and learn in specialized labs, creative spaces and through our Centres of Innovation.

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Centres of Innovation

Humber’s network of Centres of Innovation (COIs) bring together interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students, and partners to solve complex, real-world problems.

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Work-Integrated Learning

Get the work experience you need – in and out of the classroom. Connect with industry partners through class projects, work placement and applied research projects.

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Global Opportunities

Gain invaluable global experience in today’s interconnected world. Be one of the more than 500 Humber students who go abroad for enriching study, volunteer or work-related experiences each year.

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