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FAQs (Registration & General Questions)

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Find Your Program Coordinator

Need to contact your program coordinator, but not sure who that is? Find out here.

Your tuition includes access to several services at Humber to assist you to be successful in your program. Make use of these services to ensure you reach your academic goals.

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Student Life >

We got you! Access student support and services that will help you be your best, in and out of the classroom.

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Health and Counselling Services >

Several services are offered through counselling services. This is just a short list.

  • Crisis intervention
  • Personal counselling
  • Study skills workshops
  • Service referrals

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Humber's student hub, detailing services, campus life information and news.

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You’re Invited to the Humber Café! >

Network with alumni, faculty and industry experts eager to share their experiences and answer questions. Gain career advice, professional development and new connections. Register now!

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English Centre >

The Humber English Language Centre supports the teaching and learning of English as a second language for personal, professional and academic purposes. We pave the pathways to your future success through our flexible programs in accordance with the various language needs of our learners. Programs offered at the ELC are accredited by TESL Canada, TESL Ontario and Languages Canada.

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Accessible Learning Services >

Again several services are offered. These are in terms to help students who require reasonable academic accommodation.

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Peer Tutoring >

This service will assist you with up to two (2) courses that you are having difficulty with. Make use of the services early in the term. If you know you have difficulties with a particular subject area that is in your program, contact Peer Tutoring early in the semester so that the tutor can help you start in the right direction.

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Financial Aid Services >?

Information regarding bursaries, OSAP and possible scholarships.
Also check out Humber's?Working on Campus?as an income option.

For More Information

Please contact Faculty of Business Inquiries at?

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