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Student Support

Your tuition includes access to several services at Humber to assist you to be successful in your program. Make use of these services to ensure you reach your academic goals.

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Learning Labs

Use the latest technology and learn in specialized labs, creative spaces and through our Centres of Innovation.

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Centres of Innovation

Humber’s network of Centres of Innovation (COIs) bring together interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students, and partners to solve complex, real-world problems.

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Scholarships & Awards

There are a wide range of scholarships and awards available to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or student leadership in their academic programs and in the community.

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Important Dates

Access the Academic Calendar to check on upcoming deadlines and key dates and find out about upcoming Faculty events and opportunities.

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Food Outlets

Eating on campus can be delicious as well as nutritious! Check out the "student-made, chef-approved" options on campus including on-the-go gourmet foods and an on-campus restaurant.

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culinary and baking programs.
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