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Spark your intellectual curiosity and expand your skills in a 2-3 week intensive summer course in vibrant Toronto, Canada!

By joining Humber’s Global Summer School you’ll have the unique opportunity to come together with peers from around the world to explore and discuss critical issues that require multidisciplinary solutions, from global perspectives.

You’re invited and challenged to create positive change in our society while building your international network – while relishing summer in the most popular destination in Canada!

Expect experiences that you’ll never forget: new friends, exceptional food, industry visits, increased confidence, and sightseeing in the most diverse and inclusive city in the world.

Global Summer School

  • Join one of 8 summer courses
  • Build your network among a global community
  • Learn from Humber faculty and industry experts
  • Experience the most multicultural city in the world
Register now
for November and December
in person
lab tours for
culinary and baking programs.
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