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Humber’s innovative Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) prepares you for engaged living in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world.

The Global Citizenship Certificate is a cross-college, multi-disciplinary program designed to accommodate currently enrolled students from all Academic Faculties, including:?Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology;?Faculty of?Business;?Faculty of Media & Creative Arts;?Faculty of?Liberal Arts & Sciences?and Innovative Learning;?Faculty of Health Sciences?and Wellness?and?Faculty of?Social & Community Services.

Envisioned as a "global backpack" or a set of courses and experiences that you can fit into your current studies, the program requires you to examine the questions of meaning and value associated with the theme of citizenship within today's global world.

Once successfully completing the program requirements you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Global Citizenship. You will exit with an e-portfolio documenting your global skills, knowledge and experiences to share with potential employers and/or your community of professional interest.

Global Citizenship Certificate

Through a combination of academic courses, travel experiences and extra-curricular activities, you will gain a highly valued global perspective, deepen your understanding of human diversity, interconnectedness, and cultural complexity and enhance your sense of personal and community responsibility.

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