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These two-week trips are quick adventures that are packed with culture, exploration and eye-opening experiences. Each trip is geared towards specific program areas.?


2019-20 Faculty of Business Trip Schedule Includes:

Program Type of Opportunity Location

Baking and Pastry Management
Culinary Management

Faculty Led Study Tour

Italy - Taste of the Mediterranean

Fashion Arts & Business
Fashion Management
Fashion Management and Promotions
Faculty Led Study Tour Past trips: New York and London, England
Sport Management Diploma
Faculty Led Study Tour

Florida - IMG Academy

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Students will experience a world-class facility, learning from cutting-edge professionals using state-of-the-art facilities to foster the holistic athlete.

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A volunteer trip that's beyond cool!

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Experience the food, culture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

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for November and December
in person
lab tours for
culinary and baking programs.
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